Building Management Solutions

Helping our customers solve their Energy Equation.

Making energy Safe, Reliable, Efficient, Productive, and Green.

building energy management systems

Schneider Controls offers state of the art building management, power management and data centre control systems for commercial industry.

It is Technology smart offering easy transitions when upgrading TAC/IVET (HVAC), Engineering efficient, one automation server and easy to identify.

Enabling you to monitor the entire office building performance on just the one network.

It also allows data from multiple devices to be analyzed and managed turning it into system data for CEO, Senior Management, Operation Managers providing valuable business information.

Making buildings smarter, more efficient and green.

What we offer!

Complete control & Automation for:

  • Local control
  • Remote control
  • Third party control
building management solutions

Local Control Features

HVAC Automatic control, which includes:

  • Unit controllers
          MNB300, MNB1000, e.t.c
  • Sensors
          Temperature, pressure, e.t.c
  • Controlling devices
          VAV Box controllers, e.t.c
building management solutions

Local Control Features Cont’d

energy management systems

Lighting automatic control, which includes:

  • Occupancy Sensors
  • Lighting scheduling
  • Force On/Off control
energy management systems

Generator Monitoring, which includes

  • Fuel levels
  • Status

Energy monitoring which includes:

  • Instantaneous power consumption
  • kWh readings
building monitoring system

Remote Control Features

Internet viewing of all local control systems, which includes:

  • A computer, from any where in the world
  • A smart phone, with the Technician Mobile Tool,
building monitoring system

Third Party Control Features

Connection to non-GRL Supplied equipment

  • Provided that the equipment has the capability to transmit data (application values)
energy management systems

Complete Control – Linking Multiple Site Throught One Device

building energy management systems

We listened to your top challenges and created a solution that provides…

The energy dilemma
Rising demand versus environmental impact

Easy access to information tat exposes inefficiencies and provides the means to measure and mitigate waste, saving up to 30% on energy costs

Total Building life cycle costs
initial capital, ongoing operations and energy

Financial savings throughout the building’s lifecycle based on efficiency gains during the installation, operation and maintenance of the facility

Key platform features

  • State of the art graphics
  • Customizable workspaces
  • Simple alarms, events, and schedule configuration
  • Powerful reporting engine
  • Engineering efficiencies
building energy management systems

Stunning graphics capabilities

  • Extensive
    Graphics library enables you to create visually appealing schematics without the added expense of graphics design
  • Simple
    Create, modify, or update graphical elements quickly and easily
  • Intuitive
    Graphics can change color indicating temperature variation and/or alarm status
building monitoring system

Custom user interface

  • Individualized view for each user
  • Ability to see what is important to you as the
    Facility manager
  • Perferences follow the user to they see their layout wherever they log in
  • Set it up as one screen or several
  • Most user-friendly iBMS on the market today
building monitoring system

Alarms and events

Active alarm and event management

  • Integrated email notification, scheduled assignments, notes and checklists
  • Virtually all services can be flagged for early detection and warning capability

Graphical Alarms

  • Attach graphics to alarms for a picture perfect display of system status during and leading up to the alarm


  • Choice of single or double acknowledgement of alarms, per company policy
building management solutions


Master Schedule

  • Manage multiple buildings effectively

Easy to Use

  • Text or graphic based functionality
  • Simple to configure special events using an Outlook-Like recurrence
  • Change set point values directly from the schedule

Limit risk

  • Only authorized users have access to make changes


  • Holiday exceptions entered once and then reflected in all schedules
monitoring system


Powerful reporting tool

  • Customized reports

out of the box reports

  • Pre-packaged report packs
          Energy Reports
          Tenant Billing Reports

Easy configuration

  • Based on any pre-configured or ad hoc criteria including date range, cost, consumption, and CO2 emissions

Graphical reporting

In WorkStation or web-based

monitoring system


Historical data

  • Business performance data based on temperature history, people Locations, etc
  • Internal, External, lmplicit, Meter Logs

Export Logs

  • Variety of standard reporting formats including .csv and .xml

  • Data presentation in table or chart view
  • Create an ad hoc trend chart from any point in the system
monitoring system

We listened to your top chalenges and created a solution that provides…

too many disparate systems in the building

Open protocols that eliminate the need for multiple management systems for power, lighting, electrical distribution, fire safety and HVAC

want things that are easy to use, easy to understand

An easy to use, intuitive system that can be customized to each individual’s preferences