About Us

What we do

If you are on the lookout for the best source of energy replacements and energy saving products; then you have come to the right place. We are more than happy to cater to your requirements. Our company offers its customers with high-quality services that include energy audits, building management systems, solar panel installation, LED lighting & fixtures and more.

Earn your money back on our quality fixtures and see the savings on your electricity bill. All our products are designed for long-lasting performance, which offer superior quality and greater efficiency than other electrical appliances. Our efficient fixtures are available in hundreds of styles and options, and include all of the useful features you could possibly expect.

Estech Energy Ltd is your one-stop solution for energy saving programs and services. Since we started our business, we’ve helped hundreds of clients save energy and money. Investing in our efficiency efforts will save you a great deal in electricity costs alone and also reduce your need for electricity to quite an extent, making us the leaders of energy conservation in Jamaica.

At Estech Energy Ltd, we believe that only the best products will generate maximum efficiency. That is why we carry the best brands such as Lennox, Schneider Electric, Suntell, Eclipsall, Trina Solar, SunSource, Samsung, Fronius, SMA and more.

Dean Lafayette – Bio

dean lafayette Dean Lafayette is a director and marketing manager at Estech Energy, a member of the GRL Group of Companies. Dean studied at the Douglas College in Vancouver, Canada, where he did computer science and the University of Technology where he did marketing and human resource management.

Corporate Mission Statement

To ensure that our clients achieve operational effectiveness and self-sufficiency as quickly and economically as possible by rationalizing and improving the cooling efficiency of every aspect of your organization’s operations, to offer our expertise to the entire spectrum of Jamaican business and to maintain commitment to quality and service as the steering principles of our business.

ESTech’s Mission Statement

To constantly improve ourselves in order to increase customer satisfaction by increasing the quality of our solutions to customer’s problems; increasing the quality of our customer service; maintaining the quality of our productions and keeping our commitments.